Winter morning bliss

So far our winter in Germany hasn’t been very interesting: it was generally too warm, we had lots of rain from a dark cloudy sky and from time to time some bits of snow. However last weekend I woke up to a bright blue sky, a decent amount of fresh whiteness – and sunlight!

I went to one of my favourite spots for a walk, and there was the winter magic I was looking forward to for weeks. Crisp cold air, a very bright sun and the trees were powdered white.

Snowflakes were falling from the branches in the gentle wind, which made a nice addition to the photos I took. The amount of snowflakes increased the more the temperature rose in the course of the morning and made me wonder if my lenses are really weatherproof as claimed by their producers? The battery of the camera however, one of the weak spots of my Sony Alpha 7, worked perfectly for about two hours, I didn’t even need the spare battery I had with me.


After last week’s storm

On my way back I had to improvise quite a bit, as a few days ago stormfront Friederike had knocked over some of the trees in the forest which were now blocking the path. I do love a little climbing exercise, of course with the camera tucked away in the bag, safety first!