Kathinka has a special degree in tree hugging as she took the masterclass when she was very little. Now, that she is not a little girl anymore, she developed a great passion for nature photography.

In real life, she works as an IT specialist in a german based mining company and often feels the need to express her creativity in pictures.

Kathinka enjoys long walks with unclear destinations, gets lost in the forest ever so often while chasing those golden rays of sunlight, loves to sail and suffers generally from wanderlust.

She also speaks fluently in movie quotes and song titles, one of those useless talents which might save her life some day.

Why photography?

I was fascinated by photography ever since I was a little child, when my father took great pleasure in nature shots during long walks in the forest. I got my first, very simple camera as a present for my 9th birthday. The first picture I took was a shot of my mother sitting at the breakfast table, mildly bemused by my excitement and a little ashamed of her early morning hair, nightie and bathrobes. My skills in people photography and adequate timing haven’t really evolved since then – one of the reasons I stick to nature.

Is nature photography art?

I took art as a masterclass in school and while we were mostly studying the history of art rather than creating an art history for ourselves, I had the chance to take a photo class as well, which gained me access to a photo lab. Those were the pre-digital days, if you remember, back then you had to bring your negative images to the store to have them developed and printed out. Being able to work in a darkroom for myself was a mind blowing experience for me, because for the first time I had the possibility to alter pictures after they were taken. This was a simple form of post processing that is done so easily with a software nowadays – to add more or less light, create shadows were there haven’t been any, layer one image with another, put in some structure or simply crop out the major topic of a picture. The first lesson during the photo class I spend in the darkroom was also the first time I considered photography as my personal form of art.

Where do you take your pictures?

As I am not a professional and don’t have to sell anything or to please anyone, I take my pictures where I want to. I love the moods of nature, how everything gets so clean and refreshed after a shower of rain, or how mystic the cows of my neighbour appear in the thick fog of a late summer morning. There are also places which I visit over and over during the seasons, because they never look the same twice. This is what fascinates me most about nature photography and that is why I call my work elusive light photography – one hour earlier or later during the day, one ray of light more or less, one cloud shifting, and everything has changed, everything is different, a picture can only be taken in this particular moment and never again.

What equipment do you use?

A while ago I got my hands on a used Sony Alpha 7 and happily switched from my Panasonic Lumix G7 to full frame. The post processing of my pictures is done in Adobe Lightroom.

Where are you from?

I am from Germany and although I love travelling, I lived here ever since I was born.

Are you in social media?

I am a very private person and I have little time, so I limit my visits in the social media world to a minimun. Currently I am active on Instagram, feel free to come over and have a look at my profile.

Can I use your photos?

You are not allowed to use my photos without my permission in any way. However you may share them with others, as long as you include my name and provide a link to my website www.kathinkas-world.com.

If you are interested in licensing one of my pictures, drop me a note: mail (at) kathinkas-world.com.