Golden rays of light

Warm days and freezing nights make the best foggy mornings, time to go for an early stroll in the forest and wait for the sun to come out.

I am slightly addicted to the rays of light that are created by the combination of sunshine and mist. They are so elusive and the timeframe to get a good shot is very limited – they appear only for a view moments, as soon as the sun gets to high or the air gets to warm, the mist dissolves and so do the lightrays. But they are well worth every effort, golden and beautiful as they are.

An early morning visit to Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe in autumn. It was damp and very foggy, but after a short walk in the park the fog went almost away and finally the sun came out to bathe those old trees in golden rays of light.


Shot during a vacation in the Black Forest on a very cold morning in September somewhere near the village Hinterzarten.


A lucky findingin August. It had been hot and damp for days and the fog was really thick. However – fortune favours the enduring – after a long while the sun came out for just a couple of minutes and enchanted the forest.


A freezing cold and very peaceful morning in April. The trees were still bare, but spring already on it’s way, birds chirping like crazy in the fresh air and everything was bathed in golden sunlight.


My very first shots of those shy lightrays, taken on a misty October morning near my hometown.