Soft vision

What I like about fog: it has the tendency to add a touch of magic even to the most ordinary scenes. To go for a walk in the forest in deep fog calms me down, as the thick air muffles all sounds and everything is peaceful.

Fading colours on a misty morning in November. One young tree still has it’s bright yellow leaves, the old beech trees are already bare, prepared for the cold days to come.


Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe has many stunning views, but in the thick fog of an autumn morning the old trees and the lake look like they are part of a fairytale.


Visiting the forest on a summer morning while it was foggy and really damp.


A freezing cold day in early December.


Going for a walk on a misty morning in late summer. As always, I would walk by the cows of my neighbour, they were clearly unaware about their stunning looks in the fog.